Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zane's Surgery

Zane had surgery yesterday it was a hard time for me to deal with when your child is in pain and you cant figure out what to do you will feel hopeless. when we found out Zane had a hernia i was frantically looking for the insurance card and not helping him I am so glad my husband could focus and help him out. he called his dad to find out what to do when i found a lump on Zane's lower tummy the doctor the next day said that's what a hernia was but he could not feel one so we went to a surgeon who felt it and informed me that he could have one and would check it at surgery to see if there was one on the other side well there was two like he said there could be. Zane's feeling better and is back to his normal crawling around self.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


So I tried to start school this semester and came to a realization that is it not meant for me.
I have wanted to go back for about six years now. When I finally did, I dropped out only a day later. School is hard, it gave me a migraine just going the first day. Don't get me wrong that is not why I dropped.
It was the morning of the second day, as I tried to get ready for class doing my home work I ran in to a problem I did not have anything to type my assignment in i have five computers at my house at the time and none of them had word. After talking to my mother I went to her house to type it and they had the program thank goodness I thought until it came time to print it. The printer did not work. Luckily there are two more in the house so I copied the file on a thumb drive and then put it on one of there lap tops to print from another computer but just my luck no ink. Getting annoyed I start swearing which I used when I am very frustrated or angry. There is one more printer i can use so move to another computer to print on the other printer and the wireless is printer is not receiving the request. At this point I stomping, swearing and ready to pull out my hair when look at my son and he starts crying as if he was scared of me.
My son was scared of me and i thought really quickly. Is this how i want my sons environment to be, an angry mother and a son that can't fill safe at home? No two many of my friends growing up felt that way and found out side resources that made them fill safe, all in all they ran away from there problems and our not close to there family.
I don't want my son to fill that way so now I have decided to be a stay at home mom and try my best to like it and share loving moments with my son.

Friday, August 26, 2011

pharmacey school

So my husband starts school on Monday and today was his ceremony in too the school and i am so excited for him.

Friday, June 24, 2011

we have painted all of are basement it looks so great. im so glad.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Basement

I really have to say my husband is really one amazing person he started the basement in April and we are know about done with the main room he framed, electrical, sheet rocked, mud, textured and now doors he is going to start the base boards, then we get paint just before laying the carpet. If you cant tell I'm really proud of him. he is my hero and are basement is looking better then ever.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I have had one of the best days ever becouse i got to come home to a wonderful man that is willing to help me with just about any thing so right now he is starting to frame our basement.l what a hero of mine.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


so my husband got are son a train table with train set for twenty dollars a few days ago. and it blows my mind on why we got it but we did and i think it will be great for him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Months

Today we went to Zane's doctor for his two month check up. He is a little chunk he now ways enough to get the full dose of infant Tylenol. I fill so bad having to give him four shots. My poor little baby cried and cried. But He did pull through when he got his bottle. I love my little Zane.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday i went back to work my first time since i has Zane and know I realize how out of shape I got in just seven weeks. It was exhausting and a little hard. I now know why Zane was really health he got a work out every day. I get to go back again today and I hope that i might take it a little slower so that maybe I'm not so exhausted by the end of the middle of work again. I did enjoy going back, how ever I really think it was because my son was being watched by his dad not some stranger.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Blessing

To day was a big hit Zane's blessing went well.
David gave a beautiful blessing. After the blessing when David held him out so the congregation could see him people said aw. My little baby was silent through the whole thing and was awake.
The family meal that we held after words went smashingly well. over fifty people fit in our little town home. and yet it worked out that there was a large amount of room for every one to still have there own conversations.
Now it is clean up time. What a fun day

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clean up

Tomorrow is my little boys baby blessing. I am so excited I have been cleaning house all week to make it look nice. Finlay I am done for today that is after I vacuum. you never know how dirty a house can be until you really clean it. especially floors they really hide dirt well. So i hope I'm ready for the whole family to come.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So today iIhung out with my friend Sarah and made crafts I loved making the wreath. mine was a little smaller then Sarah's so it made it a little less time to make. Sarah's was really cool she even put a bow above it. I started my flower balls and flower eggs. finishing up with both crafts in one day was really cool. Thanks Sarah

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A bench

So I decided I needed a bench, something I can't afford. So I went to freecycle.org and posted in my two areas, and I had some one give me one. It is all wood that needs a little work. So I started the refurbishing put some nails in to strengthen, and then sanded the whole thing to prep for the stain which went one very nicely. needless to say I have a bench now for the front porch.

Monday, February 28, 2011

There back

yesterday was interesting it was Sunday and my parents were supposed do be coming home at four thirty i thought so i brought a meal to there house and got it started a little bit before four thirty in a crock pot when my little brother Erick informed me that it would be later when Mom and Dad get there, but he did not inform me that Josh and Rachel were coming and bringing food too.it turned out okay i guess since mine could cook all day and my mother and father did not get home Intel ten o'clock. when they did get there though i felt ignored and worth less the did not eat Intel i decided i would eat it and then i did not get to really talk to them with josh stared his big story's of fish and karate. needless to say i fill left out alone in the gutter and not wanted.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The day

Today I got a new car and licenced it. It is my first new Minnie van and I'm am ex static it has all the perks I would have never thought I could afford it but I can. I got to drive it around all day and fill cool. my brother and I when too the pool at the legacy center, and dragged along Zane. It was Zane's first time in a pool and he seamed to like it Intel it got a little cold.

Friday, February 18, 2011

clean house

Valentines day has come and gone and now there is less red and more green in the stores. filling more comfortable in my home I decided to clean house. You would not think it could get that dirty but with hard water and three bathrooms it became a task, to get the rings out of the toilets and spots on the facets off. When I finished I decided to decorate with vinyl, and put up on are arch way Established Nov. 2009 something that everyone can see when they walk in. And know I'm wanting to paint the kids bathroom. However i need to get my husbands approval first.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Earthquake 2.8 magnitude

so i just found out that the earthquake was a two point eight magnitude and now i know that there was on previous on Friday. now there was a report of another one at a little after the hour of six. Now I'm worried about going home when there was three in less then three days.two within less then twenty four hours.


last night i woke up to my house shaking and did not know what to do. when it stopped i ran and got my child out of the den and put him in my room it scared me. I was afraid it might get stronger that night. luckily it did not. but when you woken up in the middle of the night it is harder to wake up in the morning. while at least for my husband it is.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today i went to a friends childs birthday and felt bad her little girl ran around not knowing what to do. With not one friend there to play with. There were three little babys two of which showed up after about the time the singing started to cut the birthday cake. The other baby was my little Zane and he can't play. By the end i think her little girl had fun.

Just a normal family

To start things out were just a normal family with hard times, easy times, and fun times. My husband is applying to pharmaceutical school and has been excepted to one so far. We have a happy little family him, me, and our little boy. Living in our own little town home we love the idea of not having to move.
I work full time while my husband holds down the fort. Zane our little boy grows and does new thing everyday from smiling to giggling. I love crafts and just having fun with my family which includes extended family. so here is were are story starts.
My little brother just got home from Africa in December from an LDS mission, and has been looking for a job and has yet to find one. so he has put it upon him self to get closer to my parents since all of his friend or still on there missions.
so last night my little brother Erick decided it is his job to keep my parents happy and so it was his obligation to go out on there date. when my mother got home he asked her, "so are you going on a date tonight." she replied "yes and your not going." he continued to ask and annoy her though out the two hours as she was waiting for dad to come home. needless to say it worked dad got home and Erick went, along with my husband and me. during dinner he decided it was time to have guys day/night out once a month. hey i thought that was a great idea and he wants to include my husband. last night was extremely fun even if it was suppose to be mom and dads date night to them self's. but hey i had fun.