Monday, February 28, 2011

There back

yesterday was interesting it was Sunday and my parents were supposed do be coming home at four thirty i thought so i brought a meal to there house and got it started a little bit before four thirty in a crock pot when my little brother Erick informed me that it would be later when Mom and Dad get there, but he did not inform me that Josh and Rachel were coming and bringing food turned out okay i guess since mine could cook all day and my mother and father did not get home Intel ten o'clock. when they did get there though i felt ignored and worth less the did not eat Intel i decided i would eat it and then i did not get to really talk to them with josh stared his big story's of fish and karate. needless to say i fill left out alone in the gutter and not wanted.

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  1. No! you cannot feel this way! When can I come see you! I miss ya, and I wanna see that dang cute little boy of yours?! I seriously feel so bad every time I miss your phone call, and then the day gets away from me and I miss my chance to call you back, call text, something. I will get back to you, and I will come visit you this week! Can't wait!