Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a normal family

To start things out were just a normal family with hard times, easy times, and fun times. My husband is applying to pharmaceutical school and has been excepted to one so far. We have a happy little family him, me, and our little boy. Living in our own little town home we love the idea of not having to move.
I work full time while my husband holds down the fort. Zane our little boy grows and does new thing everyday from smiling to giggling. I love crafts and just having fun with my family which includes extended family. so here is were are story starts.
My little brother just got home from Africa in December from an LDS mission, and has been looking for a job and has yet to find one. so he has put it upon him self to get closer to my parents since all of his friend or still on there missions.
so last night my little brother Erick decided it is his job to keep my parents happy and so it was his obligation to go out on there date. when my mother got home he asked her, "so are you going on a date tonight." she replied "yes and your not going." he continued to ask and annoy her though out the two hours as she was waiting for dad to come home. needless to say it worked dad got home and Erick went, along with my husband and me. during dinner he decided it was time to have guys day/night out once a month. hey i thought that was a great idea and he wants to include my husband. last night was extremely fun even if it was suppose to be mom and dads date night to them self's. but hey i had fun.

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