Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zane's Surgery

Zane had surgery yesterday it was a hard time for me to deal with when your child is in pain and you cant figure out what to do you will feel hopeless. when we found out Zane had a hernia i was frantically looking for the insurance card and not helping him I am so glad my husband could focus and help him out. he called his dad to find out what to do when i found a lump on Zane's lower tummy the doctor the next day said that's what a hernia was but he could not feel one so we went to a surgeon who felt it and informed me that he could have one and would check it at surgery to see if there was one on the other side well there was two like he said there could be. Zane's feeling better and is back to his normal crawling around self.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


So I tried to start school this semester and came to a realization that is it not meant for me.
I have wanted to go back for about six years now. When I finally did, I dropped out only a day later. School is hard, it gave me a migraine just going the first day. Don't get me wrong that is not why I dropped.
It was the morning of the second day, as I tried to get ready for class doing my home work I ran in to a problem I did not have anything to type my assignment in i have five computers at my house at the time and none of them had word. After talking to my mother I went to her house to type it and they had the program thank goodness I thought until it came time to print it. The printer did not work. Luckily there are two more in the house so I copied the file on a thumb drive and then put it on one of there lap tops to print from another computer but just my luck no ink. Getting annoyed I start swearing which I used when I am very frustrated or angry. There is one more printer i can use so move to another computer to print on the other printer and the wireless is printer is not receiving the request. At this point I stomping, swearing and ready to pull out my hair when look at my son and he starts crying as if he was scared of me.
My son was scared of me and i thought really quickly. Is this how i want my sons environment to be, an angry mother and a son that can't fill safe at home? No two many of my friends growing up felt that way and found out side resources that made them fill safe, all in all they ran away from there problems and our not close to there family.
I don't want my son to fill that way so now I have decided to be a stay at home mom and try my best to like it and share loving moments with my son.