Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zane's Surgery

Zane had surgery yesterday it was a hard time for me to deal with when your child is in pain and you cant figure out what to do you will feel hopeless. when we found out Zane had a hernia i was frantically looking for the insurance card and not helping him I am so glad my husband could focus and help him out. he called his dad to find out what to do when i found a lump on Zane's lower tummy the doctor the next day said that's what a hernia was but he could not feel one so we went to a surgeon who felt it and informed me that he could have one and would check it at surgery to see if there was one on the other side well there was two like he said there could be. Zane's feeling better and is back to his normal crawling around self.

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  1. I know that is really tough to go through. John had the exact same thing when he was a baby. Glad to hear it was something you could take care of. Have David stop by and say goodbye to Jake if he feels up to it.
    Love you guys