Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring break

I don't go to the zoo very often maybe once a year and that's with family. Today was my brothers kids spring break and so an outing together to the zoo sounded fun. I believe the entire state was on spring break and went to the zoo. There was no parking any were and one of my nephews needed to go to the bathroom and held it as long as he could before him and i got dropped off at the back entrance to find a bathroom while my sister-in-law parked just are luck we took the longest route to find a bathroom. When he was done using the restroom we when to try and find where they parked after walking up and down streets and parking lots we gave up and sat and waited at the entrance. Once we finally meet up we decided that all the kids should be feed first before we explored I'm really glade we did it made happy babies and mommy's the best part was not all the animals were sleeping.

at the bear habitat we asked the kids which type of bear tasted better Grisly or brown bear, not thinking it to be a weird question since there uncle does whats called a beast feast were we eat different types of meat that he has hunted and they have tried both, but i should have thought better because other people around us looked at us as insane.
What a great way to tier out babies to let them sleep well on the drive home and give you a great work out. We will have to back again when it is less crowded.


Easter a day well known by kids as the day a rabbit leaves a basket full of goodies and hides eggs all over there home or yard.
My nephew's informed me today that he is a stuffed bunny that comes alive and poops colored eggs. Well I don't know if I believe it but I have to say there tooth fairy is different as he is a crocodile who's little arm's have a hard time brushing so he looses lots of teeth and pay's for good teeth.
Easter was a fun one we spent it at my parents with all my siblings with an egg hunt and a picnic. I thought it would be fun to make a fun fruit center piece decoration. I once sow a water melon picture cut in a shaped like a rabbit. So I tried making it (however I wish I new who to give credit to for first making it?).
The kids loved all the fun and excitement but most important the easter egg hunt.

The kids loved all the fun and excitement but most important the easter egg hunt, and yes my kids did find the wonderfull gifts that lay in there Easter basket.