Sunday, January 4, 2015

Birthday Creature power disks

The birthday party is getting closer. The creature suits are made and decoration supplies bought. The point of the party is going to be getting the creature power disks for there suit. I searched the web for images of creature disks and found that there was not one sight I might get all the disks I would need for the party. I have planed to do a Fishing pod for bass power to start followed by jumping on ice for polar bear power inorder to get to next activity which will be catching butterflys in the Ela blowing game for elephant power while speed Crawling for basilisk power to the mummy wrapping where two teams will rase to cacuun one kid to breack outreceiving  butterfly power as kids need constend snacks to keep from being crankie I have an eating ten pretzels (snack eating contest) for beaver power then why not go hopping for kangaroo power to our dolphine power puzzles solving activitie as each kid finishes there puzzle piece I will atatch tail for Tail pulling tag to resieve there cheetah power so as there running after one another I can step back and get the cake and ice cream ready which will present its way to opening gift as they eat. To finish the party and get a few more disks I'll have them help pop some ballons for there African hunnie  bee power and also let them collect some bugs that are decorating the house for there bat power. There bug will go in there gift bag to take home with a glow stick and fire fly disk. With so many disks planed and no one place with all the ones I would want i started collecting photos from PBS, pinterest, and the internet. For the images i finally desided on finding photos of the animal disk image from the show any picture that may  them showing or wearing it in the show.  After do much searching I started sketching the disks by hand and coloring them for each disk I tried to make the outer ring be some what themed to the creature making each on unique ( most people might think it over kill by my son is a perfectionists). Here it is so far. Also it made for great invitations. 

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