Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Party decor

I have been taking time this week each day to add some decor to my home to keep the party stress to a minumam. I thought hard one what to do as far as decoratons for a wild kratt party one thing hit me like turning on a light bulb jungle in one of the party rooms/area and I knew the perfect stuff to use. Brown paking wrap from Dollar Tree. If you take brown packing wrap and cut it into four long strips you get more for your buck. I puchased 6 roll and twisted them to look like tree vines and stapled them to the ceiling. With christmas over everything becomes  50% off making sweet finds cheep. I found animal print gift wrapping ribbon for $2 and it came in a set of five. I used the ribbon in the dinning area to go from the wall to the chandler with decoraton lanterns i found and Dollar tree and Oriental trading. Decorations cost me about $20. 

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